All about Electronic Music Styles

Electronics has not only changed the way we heard music but it has also paved the way to produce music in a different manner. Electronic music is something that employs electronic instruments as well as technologies to generate sound. With the passage of time, many genres of this form of music were evolved.

Let us know some of these styles.

House Music

This style of electronic music drew the influence from the 1970’s disco scene but came into existence in the 1980’s. It was originated in the downtown Chicago club named “The Warehouse”. The music was produced with synthesized tracks over a 4/4 beat provided by a drum machine.

However, after that multiple sub-genres of House Music came into the being like-

  • Deep House
  • Acid House
  • Tribal House

Techno Music

This is a form of electronic music which has made its way into mainstream pop music with the release of tracks like Madonna, U2, and many others. Like House music, it relies on repetitive over track but adds element of futurism into the mix.

There are some notable Techno sub-genres that include-

  • Amigacore
  • Ghettocore
  • Freetekno

Trance Music

It originated in Germany in 1990’s where many people concur that it was “born” on the European rave scene. You will notice that trance uses a hook or melody that is being repeated throughout the song and then employs a motif just before the breakdown of rapid arpeggios to give you the idea of what breakdown will sound like.

This style too has branched out in many sub-genres like-:

  • Psychedelic Trance
  • Hard Trance
  • Buchiage Trance

Dubstep Music

The style that pushed Electronic Music in the spotlight is none other than but a Dubstep. It made the electronic music popular among the people who were earlier unaware of any such form of music. Though it became popular quite late, but it had been into existence for quite a long time. Dubstep emerged in the Great Britain in early 1990’s.

Some of the sub-genres of Dubstep are-

  • Brostep
  • Luvstep
  • Thugstep

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