How to Make Electronic Music

Electronic music is a form of music that employs electronic musical instruments and electronic music technology in its production. It is composed by an electronic musician.  With the improvement in technology, the synthesizer that was once confined to music studios is now available for making electronic music. The process of arranging and recording electronic music composition has been made easier and can be done in a music studio.

Some of the steps that are followed during the composition of the electronic music are-

Learn some music theory- Before composing the music on computer; you need to gather some knowledge of musical structures. It will help you understand how to make better arrangements and spot mistakes in the composition you are working on. Also, you need to acquire some knowledge of the music theory.

Learn the capabilities of your instrument- Experimenting with your instrument will let you understand its capabilities. You will have a clear idea of what it can do so that you can take on a serious project.

Decide which genre you want to produce- Electronic music comes in different genres. Each genre has certain element associated with it. The easiest and the most convenient way to learn those elements is to listen number of songs in each genre. Depending upon the beats and rhythms, instrumentation, and song structure you can choose the genre.

Add beats, rhythm, and bass– The beats, rhythm, and bass are the backbones on which your song hangs on. The next steep to add is the bass rhythm. It can be added from a bass guitar, or any other low pitched instrumental sound.  Every song doesn’t have a single rhythm. Some use multiple rhythms. But it must be taken care that additional rhythm works with the main rhythm to produce a scintillating affect.

Mix the sounds- If you want the sounds produced by the instruments that play beat, rhythms, and melody to work together, then pick one component to serve as the reference sound to adjust the other component against. To get a richer sound, use the same instrument multiple times.

Keep your audience in mind– If you are making electronic music for other than yourself, then always keep your audience expectations in mind. Create a type of song that would grab their attention so that they are compelled to listen rest of the song.

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