Representation of Women in Electronic Music Festivals

There are still many people who hold the misconception that females can’t be successful in electronic music field. There is a myth that females can’t be the DJ’s. However, recent research has showed that presence of women is being seen in the lucrative field of electronic music festivals. Females have made their firm existence as DJ’s, VJ’s, electronic musicians, sound artists, sound engineers, and many other diverse professions of music industry.

Representation of males and females

It is a fact that there are eighty percent of festivals that are led solely by males, ten percent solely by females, and rest have a mix composition of both males and females. Now the festivals are coming that represent only female artists. The aim of holding such festivals is to show that females also possess the ability to entertain the audience.

An argument

However there is an argument against this approach that this can lead to separation and lack of integration in the male dominated rosters. There are many festivals that put emphasis on the representative and diverse offer of live DJ’s acts.

Future electronic music festivals

Future festivals will aim at the equal proportion of males and females. It is the most effective way to increase the contribution of the women. This will give birth to many interesting and capable female life performers and DJ’s. They will give varied and reflective range of performances as audience has invested in their money in the ticket of the event, so they deserve something exceptional.

This emerging talent of women in the electronic music industry is a positive spurt, but the representation of women in contrast with the men is still minimal. Time is changing and many women are coming forward.

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