Some Hidden facts about Synthesizer and Electronic Music

Invention of synthesizer brought a drastic change in the world of electronic music. With its invention in the mid-20th century, many composers were inspired to redesign the electronic music. The synthesizer gave the way to the speedy creation process by combing different sounds.

Let us get acquaint with some of the hidden facts of electronic music.

  • First attempt– Electronic music was first attempted in United States and Canada in 1890’s. Initially the creation process consumed a lot of time. For the creation of just few minutes’ music, it could take a number of weeks.
  • First synthesizer– The first synthesizer that was released in public in 1956 was made up of array of electronic tone generators and processing devices. Its main function was to control the nature of the sounds.
  • Playing pattern of synthesizers– The synthesizer was played in a traveling pattern that could be repeated or not. It was control by a system of brush sensors that responded to the patterns of pre-punched holes on a rotating paper roll.
  • First electronic Concert– The first electronic concert was given in the Museum of Modern Art, NY on 28 October 1953 by Ussachevsky and Luening. The composers were greatly inspired to delve deeper into electronic music.
  • Manufacturing of Synthesizers– In 1960’s, a special company was created by the two Americans named Robert Moog and Donald Buchla to create synthesizers. Robert Moog’s synthesizer was considered a major milestone in electronic music industry.

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