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Myths About Electronic Music

Now a day’s electronic music is at the top of the music chain. However, there is a lot of controversy surrounding the electronic music. Everyone has their own interpretations of EDM. There are many myths associated with this music. Let us have at some of them.

Females can’t be DJ’s

It is usual that when you hear a new DJ’s name, you automatically assume that it is male. If some of you might have seen female DJ’s, then you feel that male DJ’s are better than female DJ’s. The fact is that there may be more male than female DJ’s, but a multitude of female DJ’s have made a huge impact in electronic music industry.

It is not a real music

Some people think that electronic music is not a real music. People who hold this view point are listeners of pop, R&B, Country, etc. Most of the people are unaware of the fact that electronic music is synthesized as well. It is a creative music which is taking technological advancements to the next level and using creativity to experiment with music that sounds unlike any other genre.

All sub genres sound the same

Many people think that all the sub-genres of the electronic music sound the same. These are those people; who haven’t gone deep enough in this music. Trance and trap sound completely different as well as house genre when compared with drum and bass. Electronic music encompasses many different sounds. You just need to dive deeper and understand them thoroughly.

DJ’s are not doing anything while sitting on their seats

This is a common myth that DJ’s are just pressing a play button and doing nothing else. Many think that during a DJ set, they only pretend like mixing and pressing buttons, while in reality they are not doing anything. However this is false. Many DJ’s have a pre-selected set of songs, sometimes they choose songs based on what the crowd is feeling and what prior DJ’s have played during the previous sets.

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