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Growth of Electronic Music

Electronic music refers to the type of music that involves electrical processing such as carrying out recording and editing on tape and reproduction through loudspeakers. It is produced from variety of sound resources such as from the sounds picked up by the microphones to be produced by electronic oscillators, and microprocessors that are recorded on tape and edited into a permanent form.


Electronic music is a broad category of modern music that includes a wide variety of styles. It is not the product of 21st century rather it has been in existence since number of years.

Let us know how electronic music came into existence.

  • The disco anthems of 1970’s and 1980’s are the examples of electronic music. Though artists were using this genre of music since 1960’s but it didn’t become popular until the mid of 1970’s.
  • The commercial moog synthesizer released in mid 1960’s is regarded at the first iconic instrument of electronic music.
  • This music entered the mainstream in 1970’s. Bands like Kraftwerk which an iconic West German brand introduced electronic music to wider audience.
  • In 1970’s, their interesting new sound influenced a wide variety of musicians and created foundation for electronic music scene.
  • Pop, rock, and roll tracks were used in the electronic music tracks till 1970’s. After that new sub-genres were introduced like synthpop, dance, and many other genres emerged by the end of 1980’s.
  • Styles such as house and trance are the result of 1980’s synth music. The club scene made new-wave, post disco, and synthpop well known styles and brought electronic music into mainstream.
  • In 1990’s many new genres came into existence. It includes hard house, techno, ambient, and experimental. Trance, drum, and bass were the main developments of this decade.
  • Since 2000 electronic music has invaded everyone’s heart. It has grown into a popular genre of music. Its genres like Dubstep and Trance has greatly influenced the pop music. As a result, many electronic worlds’ iconic artists started producing music aimed at every type of audience.

With the growing popularity of electronic music, it has grown into one of the biggest genres of the music.

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