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Know about Electronic Music

What is electronic Music ?

Electronic music is a type of music that is created using electronic devices. This music is considered to be nerd by many people. It involves electronic processing such as recording and editing on tape, and reproduction is done through loudspeakers.

Examples of electronic music

  • Hip hop is a type of electronic music that is made with computers, synthesizers, and drum machines.
  • Live electronic music is another type of electronic music that is played through loudspeakers either alone or in combination with ordinary musical instruments.

How electronic music is produced ?

Electronic music is produced from a wide variety of sound resource such as sounds picked up by microphones, sounds produced by electronic oscillators generating several types of waves, complex computer installations, and microprocessors that are recorded on tape and then edited into permanent form.

History of electronic music

Electronic music is the development of the 20th century. It is characterized by the search of new technical resources and modes of expressions. It not only represents serious concert pieces, but also substantial literature of the theatre, films, and multimedia works that uses all types of audiovisual techniques. The first effort to generate electric musical sounds was carried out by an American named Thaddeus Cahill.

Types of electronic music

There are various types of electronic music styles that exist. Some of these ares-

  • Ambient
  • Break beats/ breaks
  • Hardcore Techno
  • Industrial
  • Trance
  • Down tempo
  • Jungle

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